Regulatory Risk Audits & Diagnostics

Successful regulatory risk management is essential to a core business strategy. As a business works to remain competitive in the face of rapidly increasing regulatory risk, we enable you to bridge the gap between regulatory requirements and marketplace success. Our Regulatory Risk Audit services include compliance review across all areas of the business operations in order to identify gaps and suggest measures in order to improve the existing compliance processes.

Our risk assessment process will incorporate the following steps:

  • Identify the population of regulatory compliance requirements
  • Assess the internal policies that document what and how the company will comply
  • Assess the internal processes that are executed to enable compliance
  • Assess the controls that are designed to ensure compliance
  • Test the processes and controls through initial walk throughs and sample testing to formulate initial conclusions
  • Identify the requirements that have higher risk of non-compliance given the above initial conclusions
  • Test in detail such higher risk areas to determine the amount of non-compliance