Regulatory Advisory

Integrating your core operations and risk management framework, we advise across all lines of business on regulatory policy and the development of strategies designed to shape policy to achieve your business objectives.

  • Advisory Services: Providing practical advice and assistance to boards of directors, senior management, in-house counsel and compliance officers in relation to the impact of new regulations.
  • Transaction and Opportunity Support: Assisting clients in the effective and timely implementation of changes required by regulatory developments and we work to provide a robust assurance that implementation projects meet all legal and regulatory requirements. E.g. Regulatory Navigation, Complex Transactions , Mergers and Acquisitions , Statutory Accounting Analysis and Advisory, FEMA advisory, etc.
  • Regulatory Structuring Services: Our team can assist in structuring advise for transactions/ investments/ business models in view of regulatory framework of the business. Mapping of regulatory processes, review/ drafting of documentation from regulatory standpoint is also where out experts can assist.